This is the traditional or conventional approach to construction. In the General Contracting approach, also known as Lump Sum Contracting, the plans and specifications are usually completed, and bids requested from one or more general contractors (GC). The design is typically “frozen” and detailed without the benefit of construction information on cost, schedule impact, or constructability.

Typically, the GC is responsible for all phases of work, including the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical, etc., and hires subcontractors to perform the trade work. The GC is responsible for coordination and scheduling of the various building trades.  During the construction phase, the owner may hire an administrator or agent to review pay requests, review the project’s progress, and manage the scope of work changes.

This approach is recommended on projects where the owner wants more control of the type of materials and overall design of the project. Having separate design and construction contracts also allows the owner the luxury of having someone knowledgeable about construction such as the designer, to act on his behalf to monitor compliance and assurance.

When this method is appropriate, Sickles Corp. is available to discuss variations in this approach. We provide an assuring level of quality as a general contractor.