The Construction Management process allows the owner to select a manager of construction or construction manager (CM) to share his construction knowledge as a team member at the initial stage of design.  As in the analogy of a three-legged stool, the CM is the third leg who assists the owner and designer during the conceptual design phase with value-added information.

Because of this contractual relationship, portions of the entire project can be released in various bid stages, thus saving time. The CM groups different work efforts into various bid packages and receives bids directly from specialty trade contractors and passes any savings directly to the owner; there is no general contractor markup or fee. 

During construction, the CM directs the trade contractors and manages the budget, the schedule, scope of work changes and request for payment, and assures the adherence to the contract documents.  Because the CM works as a professional advisor, he remains an ally and agent of the owner and designer, giving unbiased information and directing the trade contractors throughout the design and construction of the project.

When a CM is appropriate, Sickles Corp. welcomes the opportunity to work in this role. The owner has the advantage of our 35 plus years of project experience where it matters in the decision making process between the initial construction cost versus the “project-life-cycle”.  Our staff has the experience directing individual projects in the range from $200,000 to in excess of $30,000,000.