Our success has been built on "word of mouth" referrals by our many satisfied customers. Where some builders may give prospective clients a slick presentation, we give our customers a list of references along with detailed pricing information. That's because we believe a company is only as good as it's last job. We enjoy a small, "person to person" company atmosphere - but we are equipped to handle most anything from modest homes to commercial projects of any size or complexity. We have completed multi-million dollar achitectural homes, industrial facilities, retail establishments, commercial office space, health care treatment space, and telecommunication infrastructure projects. Sickles Corp. is built upon strong values and integrity. Our ethical work practices build not only beautiful structures, but strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We have cultivated an established customer base over the last 25 years, and many of our projects have been completed for long standing customers, demonstrating our clients' satisfaction with the results achieved.

When considering a facility expansion, the Design/Build (D/B) method provides an owner several options with respect to the purchase of land, the facility’s design and how the facility will be built.

Design and Build Construction by Sickles Corp. This type of project delivery is most appropriate when the owner does not have a complete set of requirements, has limited time and/or available resources to participate in the design process, and has confidence in the D/B team’s ability to handle both the design and construction as well as transferring the project to the owner.  The owner chooses a basic design and establishes a firm fixed price or “Guaranteed Maximum Price” very early.  Procurement, communications, and conflicts are all handled internally by the D/B team; the owner can have limited involvement if he so chooses.

The greatest advantage with this method is a quicker project delivery, less involvement by the owner, and an earlier commitment to cost.  Many times, an owner will decide to use this method based on a “fast track” usage of the facility.

When this method is appropriate, Sickles Corp. thrives and favors the D/B method.  It allows us to further apply our expertise of leading an undefined concept into a satisfying, completed project.  The owner places his trust and confidence into our fully capable hands to bring his project in earlier than a more conventional method would allow.

This is the traditional or conventional approach to construction. In the General Contracting approach, also known as Lump Sum Contracting, the plans and specifications are usually completed, and bids requested from one or more general contractors (GC). The design is typically “frozen” and detailed without the benefit of construction information on cost, schedule impact, or constructability.

Typically, the GC is responsible for all phases of work, including the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical, etc., and hires subcontractors to perform the trade work. The GC is responsible for coordination and scheduling of the various building trades.  During the construction phase, the owner may hire an administrator or agent to review pay requests, review the project’s progress, and manage the scope of work changes.

This approach is recommended on projects where the owner wants more control of the type of materials and overall design of the project. Having separate design and construction contracts also allows the owner the luxury of having someone knowledgeable about construction such as the designer, to act on his behalf to monitor compliance and assurance.

When this method is appropriate, Sickles Corp. is available to discuss variations in this approach. We provide an assuring level of quality as a general contractor.

Sickles Corp. has the resources and expertise to provide a full range of preconstruction services. Our knowledgeable staff can improve the outcome of a project through the use of several preconstruction techniques that ultimately lower the overall project cost, deliver a value oriented project that meets the needs of our clients, and in many cases can reduce the total time required to build the project. Our early involvement with a project also allows us to build a rapport with our clients that gives us a clear understanding of our client’s vision for the completed project.

The final outcome of a project, large or small, is affected by many factors. Site limitations, zoning issues, utility availability, traffic control issues, budget constraints, schedule limitations, design and specification choices, and long term maintenance and operation of the facility all play a role in determining the decisions that need to be made early in the design/development process. We assist and guide our clients through this process and streamline the decision making process to reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with a construction project.

We have experience with many types of commercial facilities such as class ‘A’ office space, light industrial warehouse & assembly space, medical/dental facilities, and a variety of retail space buildings. We have assisted many of our clients with the following preconstruction services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Budget Development
  • Site Investigation
  • Financial Proforma Development
  • Detailed Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Zoning Variance and Permitting
  • Value Engineering
  • Facilities Assessment
  • Owner’s Representation

Our clients have found that by utilizing our preconstruction services they can obtain early feasibility budgets without the expense of detailed design and bidding. This process also allows owners to compare alternate building and siting scenarious and ask what-if questions with speedy and well-grounded answers based on experience and the latest in analytical tools.

We will develop and review all our decisions relating to project design, costs, and constructability. Software tools that allow us to quickly update, compare, and revise all levels of estimates are key to our quick turnaround time and sharing of estimate information. These valuable tools are often otherwise unavailable to owners or may be overlooked in the rush to develop project funding and preliminary design. While we offer these services independently for a fee, we routinely incorporate them in our Construction Management.

During the preconstruction phase, we partner with the project team to help determine the project delivery approach, establish a budget, and rough-out a schedule. Being on board early allows us to identify and solve potential construction issues before they become major problems, thus reducing the overall cost of the project. Th e project delivery method can also have an impact on the total cost of the project.

Sickles Corp. offers a variety of project delivery methods that are designed to accommodate the needs of our diverse client base. Much like each owner, each project has its own set of unique characteristics and requirements that need to be met for the project to be successful. We tailor a project delivery method that will serve the needs of our client and ensure a successful project outcome.

There are three typical project delivery methods:

The Construction Management process allows the owner to select a manager of construction or construction manager (CM) to share his construction knowledge as a team member at the initial stage of design.  As in the analogy of a three-legged stool, the CM is the third leg who assists the owner and designer during the conceptual design phase with value-added information.

Because of this contractual relationship, portions of the entire project can be released in various bid stages, thus saving time. The CM groups different work efforts into various bid packages and receives bids directly from specialty trade contractors and passes any savings directly to the owner; there is no general contractor markup or fee. 

During construction, the CM directs the trade contractors and manages the budget, the schedule, scope of work changes and request for payment, and assures the adherence to the contract documents.  Because the CM works as a professional advisor, he remains an ally and agent of the owner and designer, giving unbiased information and directing the trade contractors throughout the design and construction of the project.

When a CM is appropriate, Sickles Corp. welcomes the opportunity to work in this role. The owner has the advantage of our 35 plus years of project experience where it matters in the decision making process between the initial construction cost versus the “project-life-cycle”.  Our staff has the experience directing individual projects in the range from $200,000 to in excess of $30,000,000.